Overnight oatmeal in a jar

I finally tried overnight oatmeals in a jar and I love it! The basic ingredients are just two: oats and milk. Then, one can add whatever one wants to make it sweeter, more creamy and so on.

Time of preparation

5 minutes + one night

What did I use

a jar, a spoon


Oats: 50 gr

Milk: 100 gr

Honey: half a tablespoon

Peanut butter, fresh fruit

How did I do

I poured oats, milk and honey in the jar. I closed it and shook it! I put in the fridge and I let it stay for one night.

The morning after, I added the peanut butter and mixed well and I added the fresh fruit.

Buon appetito!

Overnight oatmeal in a jar

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