Banana and coconut pancakes

This pancake recipe is peculiar because you don’t need neither milk nor flour. The basic ingredients are just two: banana and eggs. I added coconut flour and vanilla for a sweeter result.

Time of cooking

10 minutes



What did I use

a whisk, a fork, a non-stick pot, a bowl, a ladle


Banana: 1

Eggs: 2

Coconut flour: 1 spoon

Vanilla extract: few drops

Maple syrup as required

Seeds oil as required

Icing sugar

How did I do

I mashed the banana with the fork than I beat it with the eggs, the coconut flour and the vanilla extract.

I reheated the oil in the non-stick pot.

When it was hot, I put a ladle of dough and cooked for few minutes per side. Being careful when turning the pancake! This dough is really delicate and one risks to break it.

I continued in this way until I finished the dough.

I served hot with icing sugar and maple syrup or however one wants.

Buon appetito!

Banana and coconut pancakes

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