Fast polpettone with sweet and sour sauce and potatoes and carrots purée

Sometimes it happens to me to prepare too much ragù and have a lot of boxes of it in the freezer and at a certain point I really don’t know how to use it after dressing pasta or preparing lasagne or cannelloni. Well, here is a new creation with it: the ragù meatloaf.

Time of cooking

30 minutes


about 8 people

What did I use

a plumcake mould, a sheet of oven paper, a silicon brush, a large bowl and a little bowl, a middle-sized pot and a little pot


Ragù : about 1 kg

Ricotta: 1/2 kg

Minced Grana Padano or Parmesan: few spoons

Minced bread: few spoons

White low-fat yoghurt: few spoons

Parsley/ Basil, minced, as required

Olive oil as required

Honey as required

For the sauce

Few spoons of ketchup

Few spoons of Worcester sauce

2 teaspoons of brown sugar

one teaspoon of apples vinegar

For the purée

Same quantity of carrots and potatoes

Milk as required

Butter as required

How did I do

I boiled together in salted water potatoes and carrots cut in pieces .

I reheated the oven at 180°C.

I minced finely the ragù. I mixed it well in the big bowl with ricotta, yoghurt, herbs, minced bread and cheese.

I put the sheet of oven paper in the mould and I oiled it with a mix of oil and honey.

I put the meatloaf in the mould and spreaded the surface as well with the mixture of oil and honey.

I baked in the oven for 20 minutes.

In the meanwhile , I dried potatoes and carrots when they were be cooked. I mashed them. I added milk and butter until I reached the consistence I desired.

I cut the shallot in thin slices and browned it in the little pot with ketchup, worcester sauce and vinegar. I lowered the fire and added sugar. I let it cook for few minutes.

I served all together and I spreaded on my dishes some fresh parsley/basil, minced.

Buon appetito!

Fast polpettone with sweet and sour sauce and potatoes and carrots purée

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