Celeriac and apples cream

I had half of a celeriac in the fridge from a few and I had to use it. Knowing that it is good with apples I tried to experiment this recipe, fast and easy, and I have to say that I was super satisfied about the result!

Time of cooking

20 minutes


1 (or 2 if you serve it as a starter)

What did I use

A cutting board, a knife, a non-stick pot, a little non-stick pot, a wooden spoon, a food processor


Celerian: half

White onion: half

Fresh thyme: few twigs

Salt and pepper as required

Apple: 1

Vegetables broth as required

Olive oil as required

(Grana Padano / Parmesan: few flakes, if you want the vegetarian version and not the vegan one)

How did I do

I cleaned and minced the onion. I made a sautéed with it and some oil in the big non-stick pot.

I cleaned and cut in little cubes the celeriac. I did the same with half of the apple. I added them to the onion, covered with some broth and cooked it covered with the lid for about 15 minutes.

I added salt, pepper, thyme and put everything in the food processor.

I reheated some oil in the little pot at high fire and cooked for two minutes the remaining apple cut in thin slices, with salt, pepper and thyme.

I served the celeriac and apples cream decorating with the apple slices and the Parmesan.

Buon appetito!

Celeriac and apples cream

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