Croquetes of potatoes, ricotta and green beans

Crunchy oven-baked vegetarian croquetes, yummy, easy to make and healthy. Ricotta is the perfect cheese for this kind of preparations, because it is low in fat and very compact and soft, easy to knead.

Time of preparation

about 1 hour



What did I do

a cutting board, a large bowl, a knife, a baking tray, two plates, two pots, a potato masher


150 gr of peeled potatoes

180 gr of cleaned green beans, cut at the extremities, or frozen

65 gr of fresh ricotta

1 egg

45 gr of ground Grana Padano

some marjoram or other favorite herb

salt as required

2 tablespoons breadcrumbs

extravirgin olive oil as required

How did I do

I cooked the green beans with steam for about 20 minutes until soft. I let them cool down while I was preparing the potatoes.

I cut the potatoes in pieces and I put them in the pot filled with salted water. I made them boil until soft. I dried them and I let them cool down, then I mashed them with the potato masher and I put them in the bowl. I added the egg, the ricotta at room temperature, salt, the herbs and the green beans cut in thin slices.

I kneaded well with my hands until I had a compact dough.

I started to form the croquetes: I took a little piece of dough and formed a little bowl. I rolled it in the breadcrumbs and I put it in the plate. I continued this way until I finished the dough.

I put all my croquetes in the baking tray slightly oiled. I poured a little more oil on their surface and I sprinkled with some more finely minced herbs. I baked at 180°C for about half an hour.

I served hot with fresh vegetables and some greek sauce.

Buon appetito!

Croquetes of potatoes, ricotta and green beans

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