Rice, beans and ham salad with tomatoes filled with boiled eggs

Rice salad is a classic for the italian take-away lunches from home that want to avoid a sad ham sandwhich. As it concernes me, I never used ready dressings: I try to avoid in oil ingredients. I can understand, on the other hand, the missing desire to cut in little pieces salami, cheese and vegetables, especially if you have to prepare it not just for yourself but for more people. I learned, with time, that it’s not always necessary to put a lot of ingredients to make a good or yummy rice salad. This is a fast version, estethically happy (colors are important for a good mood!), that I prepared for my mother and my sister on the trip to Expo Milano 2015.

Time of cooking

30 minutes

Time of standing

few hours



What do you need

a cutting board, a knife, a glass bowl, a large pot, a wooden spoon, a rag, a large colander


Tomatoes for salad, big and not too ripe: 4

Rice (for this type of plate I use the Vialone Nano, but you can use the one you have at home or you like the most): 200 gr

Egg, middle size: 4

Borlotti beans: a can (about 160 gr)

Ham: 2 slices, cut thick (about 5 mm)

Minced oregano: 2 spoons

Olive oil: 2 spoons


Boil the rice in salted boiling water for about 10 minutes. In the meanwhile, boil the eggs in boiling water for about 8 minutes.

Dry the rice and let it cool on a single layer on the rag for about 10 minutes.

In this way, the rice does not lose its flavour, which happens when you put it under the water to cool it.

In the meanwhile dry and wash the beans and cut the ham in little cubes. Cut off the upper part of the tomatoes and take off the seeds. Salt them and let them dry upside-down for few minutes. Put in them the eggs and cut off the upper part of them as well.

You can use the upper parts of eggs and tomatoes cutting them in little pieces and mixing them with the dressing or using them as a decoration when the dish will be ready.

Mix beans, ham, rice, some oregano and oil.

Let it stand in the fridge until you’ll use it. Put the tomatoes filled with eggs in the fridge as well.

In this way the rice will have the time to cool completely and to absorb well the taste of the dressing. I suggest to prepare it at least 2 or 3 hours before or, if possible, the day before.

At the moment you’ll use it, serve the rice with the tomatoes in the composition you like the most.

At the end, put the remaining oregano on it.

Buon appetito!


  • Rispondi 6 Novembre, 2015


    L’idea di mettere le uova dentro i pomodori in quel modo è davvero geniale! Complimenti!

  • Rispondi 3 Agosto, 2018


    Nice article, i like it!

  • Rispondi 25 Luglio, 2019

    Rick Kahle

    I love the way you explain how to make these dishes

  • Rispondi 26 Luglio, 2019

    Rick K

    This looks so easy to make even I could do it and it looks so good

    • Rispondi 29 Luglio, 2019


      Let me know if you try it

  • Rispondi 26 Luglio, 2019

    Rick K

    This dish is easy enough even I could make it

    • Rispondi 29 Luglio, 2019


      Yes 🙂 easy is the key

  • Rispondi 26 Luglio, 2019


    This dish looks so good and easy to make thank you

    • Rispondi 29 Luglio, 2019


      No problem :*

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