Banana and peanut butter frozen yogurt

I’m in a “peanut butter and banana” mood taletly, and I adore to combine these two ingredients for every kind of recipe. Here there’s an alternative to ice cream, creamy and tasty in the same way but much healthier!

Time of preparation

10 minutes + chilling



What did I use

 a blender, a spoon, an ice-cream box


4 tablespoons of white Skyr or coconut yoghurt for the vegan version

1 spoon of peanut butter +  half

2 tablespoons of milk (I used coconut)

1 and a half banana, cut in slices and let it freeze few hours

few drops of vanilla extract

1 tablespoon of honey

How did I do 

I blended all the ingredients  but the honey and half a spoon of peanut butter for few minutes, til I had a smooth batter

I poured it in the ice-cream box and I let it chill in the freezer for few hours, mixing every 30 minutes until ready. In the meantime I prepared the honey and peanut butter sauce by mixing them in a little bowl and melt them for few seconds in the microwave. I poured the sauce on the frozen yoghurt and I mixed with a butter knife to create the marmorized effect.

I served sprinkled with some cinnamon.


Buon appetito!



Banana and peanut butter frozen yogurt

Un pensiero su “Banana and peanut butter frozen yogurt

  • Luglio 27, 2019 alle 6:09 pm

    Love bananas peanut butter and when it’s frozen and cold on a hot day can’t go wrong


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