Buckwheat & dried fruits cake with jam

I love cakes with a rustic taste: buckwheat is perfect for this, especially if combined to the crunchy compactness given by the dried fruit. The final touch is some red fruit jam, better if it’s without or with very few sugar.

Time of preparation

about 1 hour




Buckwheat flour: 125 gr

Eggs: 3

Sugar: 120 gr

Ground dried fruits (such as almonds, hazelnuts and cashews): 125 gr

Peanuts oil: 80 ml

Milk: 50 ml

a little bag of baking powder

few drops of vanilla extract

How did I do

In the bowl, I whipped with the electric whisk the eggs together with the sugar.

I added the oil and the milk, continuing to whip.

I added the flour, the ground dried fruit mix and the baking powder.

I added vanilla, I poured the batter in the mould (covered with baking paper or greased with butter and sprinkled with some flour) and I cooked in the oven at 180 °C for 40-45 minutes.

I controlled the cooking with a wooden stick and seeing that it was ready I took the cake off the oven and I let it cool.

I took it off the mould, I cut it in half and I filled it with jam.

Buon appetito!

Buckwheat & dried fruits cake with jam

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