Beans cream

I thought this beans cream with an intense and delicate taste at the same time as perfect to spread on bread or to serve with fresh vegetables as a starter or as a second course in bigger quantities.


2/4 (depending on the choice to serve it as a starter or as a second course)

What did I use

a blender,a colander


Can black beans: about 250 gr

Tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes in can: 2 spoons

Lemon, juice: 1 spoon

Black pepper as required

Salt as required

Chilli pepper,minced as required

New potatoes: 2, boiled

Onion: 1/4

How did I do

I roughly cut the onion into pieces.

I put all the ingredients in the blender for few minutes until I had a soft and smooth cream.

I served sprinkled with some pepper and wet with some oil.

Buon appetito!


  • Rispondi Luglio 25, 2019

    Jussi Pennanen

    I’ve come across a bit similar bean paste in Romania. And that’s so good on bread. Although different ingredients here, I bet it’s equally tasty and super easy to prepare. Definitely I’ll try this one.

    • Rispondi Luglio 25, 2019


      It’s really easy and tasty! I will go soon to Romania so maybe I will have the opportunity to see it and try it.

  • Rispondi Luglio 27, 2019

    Rick K

    I’m not a cook but I will try seems easy enough

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