Vegetables rissoles

I had leftover mixed vegetables, stewed in a wok. I wanted to use them as a main course.So I made these very simple and healthy rissoles. Of course one can use every type of cooked vegetables leftovers one has, and if they don’t have cheeses or milk they could be perfect for people intolerant to lactose as well. They are perfect both as a yummy side dish and as a starter if one doesn’t want to eat them as a main course.

Time of cooking

15 minutes


3 people

What did I use

a little bowl, a blender, a cutting board, a knife, a colander


Mixed cooked vegetables, already dressed (I used stewed carrots, savoy cabbage, zucchini and onions) : 1 plate

Whole minced bread: 4 spoons

Egg: 1

Seeds oil

Ground curry to taste

Chickpeas flour as required

How did I do

I mashed the vegetables.

I added the egg and mixed well.

I added the bread and the curry, mixing until I had a soft but compact dough.

I formed balls with hands and passed them in the chickpeas flour.

I reheated a little oil in the pan.

I fried the vegetable balls both sides for few minutes.

I served hot with some rocket salad.

Buon appetito!

Vegetables rissoles

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