Ham, black beans and Brussels sprouts salad

A light second dish, perfect for people who wants to have a tasty lunch but low fat and low calories.

Time of preparation

30 minutes



What did I use

a large non-stick pan, a cutting board, a knife, a wooden spoon


1 spoon of minced onion

200 gr of Brussels sprouts

300 gr of black beans in can, dried and washed

10 gr of low-fat ham

1 spoon of extravirgin olive oil + as required

Salt/ black pepper grinded at the moment to taste

Broth as required

How did I do

I made a sautéed with onion and oil, reheated at medium-high heat.

I cut the Brussels sprouts in slices, added them at the sautéed together with some pepper and cooked until softer but still crunchy.

I added the beans, mixed well and let it cool.

I cut the ham in slices and served my Brussels sprouts, beans and ham salad dressed with a little fresh oil, salt and more pepper.

Buon appetito!

Ham, black beans and Brussels sprouts salad

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